WineGAI- Elevating the spirit of Indian wines

The Wine Growers Association of India, is the premier Indian wine producers body with founding members such as Sula, Fratelli, Grover, Good Drop, Reveilo, Moonshine and Virgin Hills. The association is committed to fostering the sustainable development of the Indian wine industry in the facets of technical, marketing, policy advocacy, and social responsibility.

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Our Four Pillars



The association supports the Indian wine industry's technical advancement through research, modern viticulture techniques, quality control, and innovative winemaking technology implementation


Policy Advocacy

The association actively engages in policy advocacy for the Indian wine industry, seeking favorable regulations, tax structures, and support for sustainable viticulture practices.



The association focuses on enhancing the Indian wine industry's marketing efforts by developing brand identity, exploring international markets, and employing digital & marking strategies through WineGAI Wine Company.


Social Responsibility

The association prioritizes social responsibility in the Indian wine industry, focusing on community engagement, ethical labor practices, and environmental stewardship & social responsibility.

Initiatives and activities for 2024

1) MOU with NRC Grapes for R&D on wine grapes
2) Indian Wine Quality Standard Certification
3) Workshop by FSSAI on labelling and standards
4) Indian wine certification course for on and off premise staff and consumers
5) Classified ads on the website for jobs, bulk wine, second hand equipment etc.
6) Wines of India program 2.0
7) Indian Wine Vintage Tasting 2024 in various cities across India

Our Vision

To achieve Rs. 3k cr industry turnover by 2028 (25% CAGR)

Our Mission

To see India become a major player in wine production and consumption

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

Many wineries are at the forefront of implementing sustainable practices, such as water conservation, renewable energy, and environmentally friendly packaging, to reduce their carbon footprint.

Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Indian wine tourism is flourishing as the country's vineyards open their doors to enthusiasts seeking a unique and vibrant experience. Key wine regions, such as Nashik in Maharashtra and the Bangalore-Mysore corridor in Karnataka, have become hubs for wine enthusiasts. Visitors can explore picturesque vineyards, partake in guided tours of winemaking processes, and indulge in tasting sessions of locally produced wines. Notable wineries like Sula Vineyards in Nashik and Grover Zampa Vineyards near Bangalore offer not only wine-centric experiences but also boast on-site accommodations and fine dining options. Wine festivals, educational programs, and curated wine and food pairing experiences contribute to the rich tapestry of Indian wine tourism, making it an increasingly popular choice for both domestic and international travelers seeking a delightful blend of culture, cuisine, and viticulture.

The wine trends that ruled 2022

INDIA SHINING - The market is driven by factors such as the increasing application and demand for wine in the food industry, and the growing awareness regarding the health benefits of wine.

Secretary’s Message